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Choosing A Newborn Photographer

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Choosing a Newborn Photographer

Are you expecting a baby and thinking about using a newborn photographer? Here are a few important tips for Choosing a Newborn Photographer.

Schedule Early

The best time for a newborn portrait session is when your baby is between 6 and 12 days old. During this short window, newborns are still sleepy and are thus easily molded into the womb-like curled up positions that you often see in newborn photographs. Once your baby arrives, those first 2 weeks will fly by, so be sure to have researched and secured a date on your photographer's calendar, ideally during your second trimester. If you wait until the last minute you run the risk that your chosen photographer will be booked since many photographers only schedule 1-2 newborns a week.


Does the photographer have a photography studio, or does the photographer travel to client's home? Does the photographer do "posed" newborn, or "lifestyle", or both? Shooting with natural light can be difficult when living in areas such as Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington, where the days can be short and dark. Using professional lighting also allows the photographer to carefully control the look of the shoot. Lighting may be simple or complex, and provides tools that the photographer needs to get the look they want and to be creative.


When looking for a newborn photographer, do look at the photographer's style. The best way to learn about your photographer's style is to look at his or her website and pay attention to the portfolio. Do they use bright and bold colors or neutrals and natural tones? Do they tend towards clean and classic or rustic and vintage? Does the photographer provide the newborn props? Do they involve you with the styling of the session? It's important to like the photographer's style because what you see is what you will get.


Is the photographer in which you are interested, a professional photographer or hobbyist? How long have they been working with newborns? What are their professional qualifications? Do they have a mentor with whom they have ongoing training for lighting, safety, soothing and posing the baby? Do they have references? Do they have a business license and liability insurance? Have they been vaccinated for Flu and Pertussis? Be sure you know that the person that will be handling your newborn to is qualified and trustworthy.


Of course cost is important, but price shouldn't be the only deciding factor. Hiring a photographer because they are the least expensive is never a good idea. Having a new baby is a major life event, and just as carefully as you would choose a wedding photographer, you should carefully choose a newborn photographer. Preserving memories of your new family with professional photographs is an investment which will increase in sentimental value over time. You will never regret having photographs of this precious time but you might regret not having them! Another factor to consider is whether the photographer accepts major credit cards and offers payment plans.


This is so important! How quickly does the photographer respond to your inquiry? Does he/she answer your questions and explain the process? This is the time for you to ask lots of questions and pay attention to how and when the photographer answers them. You and your photographer should agree on the details of your session, as well as the photographers rates and products offered. You should have a clear understanding of the whole process before you book your session.


A lot of though should go into the decision of hiring a newborn photographer. Start by identifying what is important to you, then find someone that makes you feel comfortable, communicates well, has extensive experience and is thoughtful and professional. You want to be sure to use someone that edits and delivers photos and products in a timely manner and explains the process along the way. Other factors to consider are whether they offer milestone and family photo sessions in addition to newborn photos? Once you choose a photographer, chances are you will have a relationship with them for many years, so take your time to find a good match for your family, and don't wait until the last minute to schedule!

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