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Welcome to Connie Mintz Photography where babies are the face of my studio! I specialize in baby photography and provide proud parents the unique style that makes a baby portrait worth a thousand words. We all have fond memories: special moments from our childhood, our school days, birthday milestones, vacations, engagements, births, etc. You start creating those memories with your baby's birth and every milestone he/she achieves. I want to help you capture those memories, for you now and for your family forever. As a professional photographer, I am sensitive to the special needs of the family. In addition, my 20 years of teaching, and on-the-spot problem solving, gives me an ease and innate sense of how to handle and relate to babies. During photography sessions, I know how to work with the baby's natural rhythm to make sessions stress-free and fun. I capture images as the baby's personality emerges. As an artist, my ability to freely and creatively capture breathtaking imagery translates into documenting life-changing moments parents will cherish for a lifetime. Whether you are photographing your baby's first steps, first tooth, first Christmas, or any first milestone, I make sure to deliver beautiful portraits that will last a lifetime. My mission is to stand out from the average photographer's studio by providing you with unlimited amount of ideas, backdrops, toys, hats, props, outfits and accessories for your baby during your session. I strive to delivery beautiful images that are personalized for you during that special time in your baby's life. My passion, therefore, is preserving memories. Memories to hang on your wall as your very own work of art, memories to frame and share with family, memories to linger over in beautiful albums and not just on a computer screen. Remember, you can't go back and redo those special moments, so choose your photographer wisely! I recommend scheduling your sessions as far in advance as possible and I look forward to meeting you and your baby very soon. If you live in the Pacific Northwest where the backdrop is nature at its best, I can arrange to travel for on location in the Columbia Gorge, Oregon and Washington seaside or you can also come to my studio. Please contact me to schedule a session or to request more information 360-606-7313. Thank you for visiting the site where babies are the stars!

Location: Vancouver, Washington.