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Refundable Holding Fee

Your Refundable Holding Fee and Cancelation Policy

When you visit our studio, we set aside the full resources of our studio to create your family’s portraits.

To keep our schedule available for the families that truly want to work with us, we ask all of our clients for a refundable holding fee that is refunded when you return to the studio with your spouse/partner to place your order.

These are the formal terms:

The REFUNDABLE HOLDING FEE makes it possible for us to set aside time on the studio schedule with the necessary team members. This fee is refunded when you attend your in-person Order Appointment with your spouse. It is also refundable if you cancel your session with at least 10 days notice. If you cancel or postpone on less than 10 days notice or don't show up for a scheduled appointment, or don't return with your partner for your in-person Order Appointment within 60 days of your session, this fee will be retained by the studio.